Precision Hole Popper Projects with .001" Tolerance

Precision Hole Popper Projects with .001

Hole Popping Electric Discharge Machine

EDM (Electric Discharge Machine) Hole Popper drills or pops holes into steel and other materials.

Hole popping is a process that uses an Electric Discharge Machine to drill a hole into the workpiece. Also known as Spark Machining, a spark is applied to a copper or brass electrode, which will then bore into the material. To flush out debris inside the electrode, or rod, deionized water is pumped into it.

Our Hole Popper is equipped to handle all kinds of materials. With wire EDM Hole Drilling, we can produce holes with incredible precision and manufacture parts and equipment of the highest quality.

Norfolk Specialties, Inc. services many industries that require the most durable and most intricate equipment, so our machine shop utilizes cutting-edge manufacturing technology.

For projects requiring Wire EDM Hole Popping, contact Norfolk Specialties, Inc. — (402) 371-0714

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